How to check active channels with mobile number

we do dialing from pri to agent’s mobile and once agent answer the call the dial customer number.

need to keep a check on the active channel of agent tried to do this through “concise” however it gets fail sometime.

do we have other way through which i can check whether if channel is active or not for that agent’s mobile

The CHANNELS() function in Asterisk lets you regex search - possible you could filter that based on the mobile number.

Probably using Custom device state. When Agent answers the call on mobile, set custom device state to INUSE and when call ends set it back to NOT_INUSE.

thanks i have done that but the issue is something else whenever I give any call to agent’s phone i have to check whether agent’s phone is having any live channel with my asterisk server or not because sometime call gets disconnect from mobile but channel does not get cleared

So if your other channel gets cleared properly then change custom device state for that agent from there and not on Agent’s hangup

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