Chanspy and G729 Licensing Trouble


We are using Asterisk and running on Cent OS 5.4 x86_64 kernel 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5

We are using G729 for our sip trunks. Our extensions use G729 as well. When I try to spy on a channel with chanspy, I observe that the G729 licenses keep getting used up but do not get freed up even when I hang up the Spy / Spying Extension.

Is there any way we can free up the licenses when the spying of a channel is over?

When I do g729 show licenses I get the following output… And with every channel that is spied on, the encoder count keeps increasing but with every call that is hung up, the encoder count does not decrease.

2/0 encoders/decoders of 16 licensed channels are currently in use

Licenses Found:
File: G729-3NYBME6HGMNN.lic – Key: G729-3NYBME6HGMNN – Host-ID: 03:68:a2:3c:32:24:43:9a:24:6c:69:db:2d:ec:5b:9e:19:fd:e5:77 – Channels: 11 (Expires: 2030-07-01) (OK)
File: G729-RC67TTDEGGL8.lic – Key: G729-RC67TTDEGGL8 – Host-ID: 03:68:a2:3c:32:24:43:9a:24:6c:69:db:2d:ec:5b:9e:19:fd:e5:77 – Channels: 5 (Expires: 2030-06-28) (OK)

G.729 driver problems need to be taken up directly with the vendor. If it is the Digium driver, you need to start a commercial support request with Digium.

Hi It would possible a better use of licence resources to set your server to transcode via slin, that way as long as you dont expect the spying sets to use g729 it wont use a licence/.

Are the sets remote or local ?? it may be a message thing if the are all remote.