Chansip Extemsion Endpoint Registration

Hi there :

Issue 1 ( Outbound Calls )

My endpoint is a D LINK DPH 140S IP PHONE. I have a question about my IP Phone configuration.

My Freepbx registered into my server in a main account.

I also have a sub account.

Do I register my endpoint to the username and password in the extensions or to my sub account.

Do I use my external ip address or local ip address for host ?

For username do I put 7003 ( my extensuon ) or 7003:ip address
or username :

I use port 5060

Issue 2 ( Inbound Calls )

My outbound calls hangs up all the time when I call in and I do not know why. Please see

  1. You will find more help on a FreePBX support site. You will find very little interest in debugging FreePBX stuff here. That may sound harsh, but FreePBX is not Asterisk. It uses Asterisk, but using FreePBX is different enough to justify different support groups. Think of a Sears lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine. If you have a problem with your lawn mower, you call Sears, not B&S.

  2. You should register your phone with your FreePBX system. You should ask on a FreePBX support site for help.

  3. Your network infrastructure determines whether you need to use the external address. Most likely yes. You should ask on a FreePBX support site for help.

  4. I don’t see an outbound call here unless ‘from-trunk’ is how you have configured FreePBX to recognize your phone. This is why you should ask on a FreePBX support site for help. I don’t know how FreePBX is supposed to look, but this looks wrong to me.

  5. If you enter ‘sip set debug on’ you will get more meaningful messages.

  6. Your registrations to are timing out. Do you have a firewall or routing issue? #5 will show you if you are getting anything back from tcpdump may yield more clues.

  7. If your Asterisk server is receiving requests from ‘friendly scanner,’ it means you should beef up your firewall. A ‘white-list’ is better than a ‘black-list.’ Fail2ban is a common tool if you can’t do a white-list. Do both. f2b isn’t expensive in terms of resources and it gives you another layer of security.

  8. Playing ‘ss-noservice’ sounds like FreePBX doesn’t know what to do with the call.

  9. Good luck and have a COVID free day :slight_smile:

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