Channels not closing


I’ve got an issue where channels for a few extensions don’t seem to be closing. I’m trying to find the unifying theme; but so far no luck. Figured I’d check here if anyone has any pointers.

“Core show channels verbose” will show something similar to this for a number of extensions:

SIP/617-00001e47 from-inside 400 1 Down (None) (None) 617 49:11:21 (None)

There will be multiple channels like this open and it’ll vary per extension how many are open.

The calls seem to vary as to their origins; some will be outgoing external calls; some will be internal. Some are pickups…

Additionally doing a “soft hangup 617-00001e47” or “channel request hangup 617-00001e47” doesn’t close the channel.

The real problem is that this causes the extensions to show as busy; which is misleading for the clients receptionist.

Any help with a direction would be greatly appreciated.

Just going to keep going in this thread and hopefully someone will notice…

‘sip show channels’ returns the following:

10.x.x.x 606 a93f2dku9x@clou 0x100 (g729) No Rx: ACK 606

All the channels that just seem to be stuck as “down” show the last response to be an ACK; and pcaps of the calls confirm this; with the server requesting a BYE after not recieving anything back from the phone.

The last few SIP packets in the pcap look as follows:

360.142996 server sends INVITE
360.227593 phone sense 100 Trying
360.347926 phone sends 200 OK
360.348189 server sends ACK
363.999364 server sends BYE
364.099517 phone sends 200 OK

Now my knowledge of this isn’t fantasitc; but wouldn’t asterisk automatically close the channel after it’s sent the BYE?

I didn’t mention the version earlier but it’s Asterisk

Try it with

Why From what I can tell it’s only effecting a limited amount of extensions…

Because a large number of bugs will have been fixed in the 14 minor versions betwen 1.8.10 and 1.8.24, so it is likely to be a waste of time trying to trace a bug that may well no longer exist.

cool thanks that’s the answer I was hoping for.