Change secret

Hi there

I have created an interface on our website which allows users to change their secrets in ‘sip’ table. However, I found out that users could not use their new secrets until I go to asterisk admin site and clicked submit button in Asterisk Extension page. This is not what I expected, what I want is users can use their new secrets straight after they change them. I presume that there is a flag which indicates user’s new setting has been updated in asterisk admin site. Can anyone tell me how to work it out please?

Weiming Chen

You need to issue a “reload” command to Asterisk via the AMI. Use voip-info to find the relevant information.

Or, you can simply issue the shell command “/sbin/service asterisk reload”

If the changes are just in sip.conf, a “sip reload”, instead of a “reload”, should be enough.


Well, I have tried sip reload, it still doesn’t work. I found secret in sip_additional.conf is still the old one. I have to edit the sip_additional.conf, and then click Re-Read Configs on the menu, then it will work. But it makes the whole thing even more complicated. Is there any command can edit sip_additional.conf and re-read configs? I want to make everythin happen once together.