Asterisk Reatime issue

Hi All,

I am using asterisk real time where I have defined all users in asterisk database. I am using “rtcachefriends=yes” in sip.conf file so that all the registers users can be seen using sip show peers command.

The issue when I make any editition in database, like changing the password of the sip user, I am still able to register with old password and unable to register with new password, how every password is updated in the database. When I reloaded asterisk, then new password is activated.

The issue solved after i stopped using ‘rtcachefriends=yes’ in sip.conf file. My question is how can I register with new password without reloading when using ‘rtcachefriends=yes’

I will be waiting for the updates and thanks in advance.


Hafiz Muhammad Usman
+92 321 58 26 918