Force sip reload

I’m trying to run
asterisk -rx "sip reload"
but this doesn’t changes peers parameters until I restart asterisk.
asterisk 1.6.2
Any ideas?


asterisk -rx “reload”

Thank you for reply.
I have tried it but the same situation:
I’m changing parameter, but it doesn’t apply to calls, even ‘sip show peers’ displays updated information.

Correct, it doesn’t apply to calls in progress, it’ll only apply to subsequent calls.


No. All calls came after reload have old settings.

What parameters are you trying to change?

For example:

trying to change to

In this case asterisk init channel SIP/peer1-00…, not SIP/peer2-00…

The real problem is when I add new peer with ip auth (without registration) and asterisk rejects calls until i’ll restart it.