Change "page" tone

When I dial *80Xxx to intercom someone or page an extension using the page command the “beep beep” tone that the callee hears over the speakerphone is the same. Is there a way to change the tone that is played for one or the other?

The page application has it hardcoded, from app_page.c:

if (!ast_test_flag(&flags, PAGE_QUIET)) {
                res = ast_streamfile(chan, "beep", chan->language);
                if (!res)
                        res = ast_waitstream(chan, "");

What about *80xxx? We desperately want to page over the speakerphone but every time we try, the person paging gets a bunch of calls back from a bunch of users thinking they were intercommed. Any other way to fix this?

You’re running some kind of web interface on top of Asterisk? Asterisk doesn’t have default extensions, so I don’t know what that is.

Ohhh… sorry… I thought that was part of asterisk. We are running trixbox but that project appears dead and there is little help in their forums. But anyway… I see that both paging and intercom are using “Page” but intercom calls it in full duplex mode. Probably little that can be done. Thanks.

Yeah, the difference between “paging” and “intercom” really is just whether it’s 1-way or 2-way communication, respectively.

app_page (Page) controls that with the “d” option: … ation_Page

on the wiki … ation_Page

it says A(x) to play announcement to dialed parties

where is the x file stored - i need to know what file to reference

here is my code
exten => 101,2,Page(Local/201@page&Local/202@page,A(Beep))

and the log is
file.c:1017 ast_streamfile: Unable to open Beep (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory

ok - Beep was upper-case which is why this didn’t work

now that i have it working , can i play multiple announcements sequentially,

say instead of
exten => 103,n,Page(Local/200@page,A(shipping_page)n)
do something like :
exten => 103,n,Page(Local/200@page,A(beep&shipping_page)n)

how can this be done ?

Do you think they would accept a patch for a new page or intercom function?