Changing sip header


i have an issue where i need to send the sip header like this:
from :“anonymous” <sip:anonymous@x.x.x.x

i have set in the PBX the extention CID as anonymous but the header goes out
to the provider like this :
from :“anonymous” <sip:unknown@x.x.x.x



Though I don’t condone spamming if that’s the desire, have you looked at something like this?

same => n,SIPAddHeader(P-Asserted-Identity: sip:anonymous@x.x.x.x)


i need to send to the provider the header that way in order for him to make calls hidden.
no spam desire :smile:

if a calls goes that way :
from :“anonymous” <sip:unknown@x.x.x.x
the providwe congesting the call and have specifecly asked me to send like this:

from :“anonymous” <sip:anonymous@x.x.x.x

but again i want only extentions that i have set their CID to anonymous
to go out like this not all of the extentions which have their own identity.

where sholud i please it and how if i want only the anonymous ext to go like it?


I can’t find any use of “unknown” in the caller ID in the version of Asterisk I looked at. Exactly which version are you using, so I can scan the source code of that version.

How did you attempt to set the caller ID?