Chan_mobile support for BT version 4.1


I am trying to run the chan_mobile driver of Asterisk on the pi3 internal Bluetooth device, to use my PI as an HFP device.

When connecting an external BT v2 USB device, everything works fine.
When using the internal BT (which is version 4.1) the RFCOM works fine, but the SCO packets (audio) is not working. I can make/receive calls, and fetch the caller-id through the AT commmands, but there is no audio.

When comparing the HCIdump of both BT devices, i can see that the internal BT is trying to use eSCO packets while the older USB BT device is using SCO packets.

I found that there is a module param named disable_esco on the bluetooth module.
How can I set this param in the PI3? (I tried setting a file in /etc/modprobe.d/bluetooth.conf with this setting, but it’s not working).