chan_local - duplicating channels

Ive got such environemnt:

Master AGI that receives all calls and runs services (menu, dialin etc).
Ive got problem with situation where:
A calls asterisk ,gives some data and hangsup. After that manager issues call originate to local channel, where another agi is located, which is supposed to dial number B. It runs logically as i expect but asfter the originate is issued, ive got two duplicate local channels. The second agi is ran two times at a time and one of them fails (which makes bothe of them fail in the end).
I created context

[internlas] exten => test,1, Answer exten => test,2,Agi(agi://localhost) exten => test,3,hangup

and originate it like that:
Channel: Local/test@internals
Context: internals
Priority: 1
Extension: test