chan_local and cdr record

Has anybody got a solution to the issue.
when recording the cdr the calls with Chan_local are duplicated and cause an excess of entries.

i only want 1 copy of the call with the total times.

any thaughts



Are you sure ? could you post an example. I use Local channels exstensivly and hove done for many years and not seen this issue.


26/09/2008 9:57 SIP/8022-026247f0 8022 “Matt” <8022> Dial Local/0405178999@dialout/n||tTwWkK 0405178999 0405178999 ANSWERED 204

26/09/2008 9:57 Local/0405178999@dialout-a9df,2 8022 “Matt” <8022> Dial SIP/Sipaccount/0405178999|1000|tTwWkK 0405178999 0405178999 ANSWERED 204