Chan_dongle issues

I am using a huwei USB data modem and chan dongle. As the system is a fair distance from me I can say that lsusb reports the dongle as

12d1:14ac Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
(This MIGHT be an e173)

Problem 1
I have from time to time seen issues with corrupted caller ID causing calls to not connect.

on inbound calls I often see caller ID numbers that seems to be much like hex digits. These calls do not connect.

Problem 2
Also I have been trying to configure SMS to email using something very much like this … -to-email/

however if someone sends an emoticon from android the text decode fails like below:

[Sep 8 01:52:39] ERROR[1667]: at_response.c:1235 at_response_cmgr: [dongle0] Error decode SMS text ‘0048006A006A006A006A00640063006900640020006600670067002026EA26EAD83CDFE9D83CDFE9D83DDDFB’ from encoding 2, message is ‘+CMGR: 0,62

Any Ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated