Chan_dahdi: Getting Channel congestion while dialling out in round-robin forward fashion

I have one PRI span configured in Asterisk with 30 voice channels and the issue that I’m facing is that whenever I dial out of Asterisk using chan_dahdi in forwarding round-robin fashion i.e.

originate DAHDI/r1/ application Playback welcome

then after some successful calls, I start getting below log for every call (calls getting failed)

chan_dahdi.c: PRI Span: 1 < Ext: 1 Cause: Circuit/channel congestion (34), class = Network Congestion (resource unavailable) (2) ]

and it does not resolve until I restart the Asterisk server or if I dial using just span i.e.

originate DAHDI/i1/ application Playback welcome

then the call gets successfully connected (and the issue doesn’t occur).

Is this some known issue and what could be the reason for something like this to happen.

Update: the problem wasn’t with the round-robin way of picking a channel, the problem was with Telco.
only 1 to 10 channels are functioning and rest were not functioning and the call flow being low the problem got solved by using DAHDI/i (as it picks the first available channel from the list).

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