chan_dahdi.conf: hidecalleridname=yes

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Sangoma A104 connected to a long distance PRI T1

We have a 3rd party application integrated with this installation of asterisk that requires the CallerID Name value to be set so that it can track it’s outbound calls internally. Our carrier does not allow callerid name to be sent to our T1s. If we do, the call requests are declined with a hangup and error code 99 (invalid parameter).

Is there a way to prevent asterisk/dahdi from sending this value to the carrier?

I have attempted to set “hidecalleridname=yes” in my chan_dahdi.conf, but it does not appear to have any effect. (Yes, I have made sure to stop/star asterisk/wanrouter… and even rebooting the machine.)


I resolved the issue with Asterisk sending the caller id name to the carrier.

There is a bug in some older versions of asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 that prevents the “hidecalleridname” value in chan_dahdi.conf from being read into memory. Therefore, it is always defaults to “no”.

Here is the fix for v1.6.x: … 1&type=bug
(note: did not occur on the same line numbers in our version of asterisk v1.4.x, but the surrounding code was still identical)

Here are some the posts on the bug tracker about this issue: