Cell Phone Reception Hinders Call Routing

I have set up a ring group that contains two internal extensions and a cell phone number. Everything works great except when the cell phone reception is out of range (I live in the country). As a result callers to the ring group are directed into the cell phone mailbox immediately instead of ringing each phone. Does anyone have a similar scenario and a solution? Change the “ringall” setting to “hunt”, “memoryhunt” etc?

RINGROUP it is a Freepbx or Elastix concept. Future questions must be addressed on in their respective forums.

This must work for you.

put the cellphone as the last one in the list to ring and change the ring strategy to one of these:

hunt: Take turns ringing each available extension.

memoryhunt: Ring first extension in the list, then ring the 1st and 2nd extension, then ring 1st 2nd and 3rd extension in the list… etc.

freepbx.org/support/document … ing-groups

As noted, we can’t easily answer FreePBX questions here.

However, it seems to me that your problem is with the cellular account, not the Asterisk setup. When the cellular network diverts to the mailbox, it has answered the call (and will, typically, bill for it). An answered call will satisfy a ring group, whether implemented with & or with ringall. You need to disable the voicemail in the cellular system.