Cell phone DTMF

We have users that attempt to pick up their voice mail when out of the office using a cell phone. The Cell phone tones from some phones do not seem to be recognized. They dial in and dial the voice mail extension. The voice mail extension is completely ignored and they are sent to the first available person, which would be correct if they didn’t attempt to dial an extension. Relaxdtmf is already on. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to handle this problem.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? I also have an issue where I have tried 3 different cell phones, 3 different providers and all of them dont get the DTMF recognized. On my sip phones, and out over a landline I have no DTMF problems.

anyway, try ‘relaxdtmf=yes’ and ‘toneduration= more than 100’ in zapata.conf

also play with ‘dtmfcodec=101’, ‘dtmfmode=inband or rfc2833’, ‘relaxdtmf=yes’ in zapata.conf and sip.conf

also note this:

[quote];rfc2833compensate=yes ; Compensate for pre-1.4 DTMF transmission from another Asterisk machine.
; You must have this turned on or DTMF reception will work improperly. [/quote]

play with dtmfduration


Were you able to resolve this issue?


I think tone duration only applies to generated tones. The problem here is with detecting tones originating from the pstn.