CDR duplicate call record

Hi, Team!

I installed AsteriskNOW 10.13 with Asterisk 13.12.1, my cdr error cdr duplicate call record when call Ring Group

Please, help for me!


Your call group has least 8 member, am I right? So CDR shows you all calls which that event made, for me everything is fine.

Asterisk doesn’t have ring groups. They are FreePBX features.

I think you under the common misapprehension that unique ID is candidate key for the CDR. It is only a candidate key for the channel, and a channel can have more than one CDR.

Thanks Przeqpicie reply!

But I expect a call to ring group only a record, a status, a disposition, i do not want duplicate records.

Please, help for me!


Ask the FreePBX people, as Asterisk doesn’t have ring groups.

The actual CDRs are not duplicates, as they contain the destination channel number. The report you have included, which is not produced by Asterisk, appears to have suppressed some of that detail and has also added information, about recordings, which is not in the standard CDRs.

The report has also suppressed the parameters actually passed to Dial().