Just curious if anyone knows what this might be if there is any? Looking to replace a TDM PBX that as of now is around 3500 digital and 2500 analog and we grow on a regular basis.Could Asterisk handle this?


Hello it would be possible to cluster asterisk machines together to hit this goal with simple 8 t1/e1 to a machine. However Digium is comming out with a ds3 card which would be able to help you reach that capacity. As for your digital handsets it is likely they will not work with asterisk pbx or anyother vendors pbx, except the creators.

We would replace the digital set with SIP phones but how would I handle all of my analog needs?

you can have analog extensions hanging off via the ds3 card and some box to breakout channels or off of t1s and channel banks.

Use something from AudioCodes for your analog connection then connect it via the Lan to Asterisk…