Can't pick up call with ringall strategy

Hi to all,

I’ve installed asterisk version in one of my physical servers and it works fine.
I’ve installed the same version in a virtual server with centos 5.7 and i’ve encountered the following issue:

i’ve configured a queue with ringall strategy.

If i put only 2 sip phones in queue it works fine.
if i put 3 or more phones (cisco 303) in queque, the phone can’t pick up the call.
In the phone display appear the message “answering…” but it doesn’t pick up the call.
In the cli log appears that the call wasn’t picked up at all.

The problem appears only with ringall strategy.

Thanks for your help.

Salvo Romano

ringall shouldn’t have created this issue.
Test with some other SIP phones and see.

–Satish Barot