Cant get Asterisk to compile on Suse 10.1


I have followed the instructions in … iling.html
but I get the message below when I try to compile Asterisk. Any help as to what to do is appreacited. My Suse 10.1 runs perfect and I am logged in as root and have MySQL installed and running.

nlx:~/asterisksvn # cd asterisk
nlx:~/asterisksvn/asterisk # make install
Makefile:25: makeopts: No such file or directory
**** The configure script must be executed before running 'make'.
make: *** [makeopts] Error 1
nlx:~/asterisksvn/asterisk #           

What is the configure script? Is this documentation up to date or is there some later more involved documentation that is accurate.


try running :


before running the ‘make install’

try running :


before running the ‘make install’[/quote]

I did it the old fashioned way and ignored this document.
Downloaded from FTP all the tar files.

make clean
make install

I didnt see anywhere I have to run ./configure. Do I still need it?

This document seems incomplete. Also it doesnt mention which sources to install besides Linux. Thanks to some replies here I figured out I had to install bison and openssl. So far it compiled. Now comes the hard part: running it :smile:

I didnt see anywhere I have to run ./configure. Do I still need it? [/quote]

If you have compiled without any issues then no need for configure.

To run it, just type in “asterisk” as the asterisk user (if you did not create one, then it will run as “root”). You can verify that it is running by typing in “ps -e” and look for it in the list. If it is there, you can type “asterisk -r”. This should pull you right in to the CLI. Simply change the configs and reload with each change. Happy conf’ing! :smile: