Can't disable CDR module

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I’m having an interesting issue with regards to totally disabling CDR in Certified Asterisk 16 or Asterisk 18. During menuselect I uncheck anything CDR or CEL related, compile, and install.


However, whenever I check the loaded modules “cdr” still appears, I can’t seem to find a way to fully disable it.

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I can manually unload and or add them to the noload in modules.conf, but “cdr”/“CDR Engine” still exists and is running.

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I also have “enabled=no” in cdr.conf.

Is this behavior expected or am I missing something?


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That is the core functionality, as long as you have disabled it in cdr.conf then the CDR engine won’t actively run. Because it’s part of the core, however, it still appears in the list.

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Great, thanks for the insight!

Would this disable the CDR Taskprocessor too then?

Yes. If it’s not enabled it doesn’t subscribe to anything, resulting in no messages and no taskprocessors for the subscription.

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