Cant dial extension, number is changed

I have just taken over administering asterisk for one of our customers. Been working fine until this morning when 1 of the extensions started going straight to VM. I have a little experience of asterisk, mostly trixbox, but i’m lost.
The number dialed is being changed from 206 to 52. This is an unrecognised extension.
The only thing i can see that is different between this and the other extensions is that this one has “TempC=52”. Strangely this is the extension that is being dialed. I Can see anything on the phone and i have tried changing handsets with the same results. Anything to 206 fails.
Can you help

I have attached the part of the log i think is significant.


Executing e[1;36;40mSete[0;37;40m(“e[1;35;40mWOOMERA/g1/4-db12e[0;37;40m”, “e[1;35;40mtempC=52e[0;37;40m”) in new stack
– Executing e[1;36;40mGotoIfe[0;37;40m(“e[1;35;40mWOOMERA/g1/4-db12e[0;37;40m”, “e[1;35;40m0?10:6e[0;37;40m”) in new stack
– Goto (macro-stdexten,s,6)

– Executing e[1;36;40mGotoIfe[0;37;40m(“e[1;35;40mWOOMERA/g1/4-db12e[0;37;40m”, “e[1;35;40m0?cfiext:8e[0;37;40m”) in new stack

– Goto (macro-stdexten,s,8)

– Executing e[1;36;40mDiale[0;37;40m(“e[1;35;40mWOOMERA/g1/4-db12e[0;37;40m”, “e[1;35;40mSIP/52|14|tTwWe[0;37;40m”) in new stack

Jun 23 12:07:27 e[1;31;40mWARNINGe[0;37;40m[30089]: e[1;37;40mchan_sip.ce[0;37;40m:e[1;37;40m2051e[0;37;40m e[1;37;40mcreate_addre[0;37;40m: No such host: 52

Jun 23 12:07:27 e[1;33;40mNOTICEe[0;37;40m[30089]: e[1;37;40mapp_dial.ce[0;37;40m:e[1;37;40m1096e[0;37;40m e[1;37;40mdial_exec_fulle[0;37;40m: Unable to create channel of type ‘SIP’ (cause 3 - No route to destination)

== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)

TempC is call forward, any idea how to stop it forwarding? Must have been set on the phone probably with a shortcut. Where would i find where these are set?

Sorted, its in features. Thanks anyway