Can't Access GUI

Hi Friends, I see a number of posts here regarding some users not being able to access their GUI. As it turns out, I seem to be having the same issue.

I don’t see any IP’s on the fail2ban list. I just performed an update, chown and a reboot.

Phones are working though.

Any suggestions or can someone point in the right direction?

Without any clues, it’s kind of difficult :slight_smile:

Are you using FreePBX? It doesn’t matter to ‘command line’ me, but it may be useful to others. Version numbers never hurt either.

For clues I’d:

  1. Use ‘sudo netstat -a -n -p | grep :<port-number>’ to see if anybody is listening on that port number.
  2. Fire up ‘sudo tcpdump -A -s 0 port <port-number>’ to see if requests are reaching the host.
  3. Check Apache’s or nginx’s log files.

Thanks for your response.

It’s installed in a virtual box. Can reach it through another VM, but not from the host machine. Nothing in block lists. As a matter of fact, I whitelisted the necessary ip’s. This might be VM ware-related.

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