Cannot see the called ID number but see only caller ID name with NoOp application

Hi. I am using asterisk 16 version for maintaining PBX. While I am making the an internal call between two endpoints then I only can see the caller ID not the caller number from my CLI. For watching the caller number I did the following change in my extension. conf file.
exten=>s,1,NoOp(caller ID=${CALLERID(num)})

For example if I call from Phoerlite (6000) to Blink (6002) then I see the only the Phonerlite (caller ID name) but not the number 6000. But I want to see the incoming number ID 6000.

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The Noop application doesn’t do this; it does nothing at all. What you are actually looking at is the macro expansion of the dialplan source code, before the application is run. Noop, itself, completely ignores its parameters.

What do you mean by the called number. The actual called numbers i ${EXTEN} at the point where the dialplan is launched. You have clearly overwritten that with s.

What you might actually mean is the To header, and the only way of accessing that is to explicitly parse the header.

What I’m getting at there is that there is no definition of called number in SIP, except for the request URI, which becomes the initial extension.

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