Cannot log in using CVS Login with anoncvs as password


Im trying to log using CVS login with anoncvs as password
after a couple of minutes i have no successful login it says
refused by the server or something…

I want to login in CVS because i buy TE110P card and i received
the Digoum Quick install guide and it says for a " Production-Level Asterisk server, download the stable branch of asterisk off CVS

cvs checkout -r V1-0_stable asterisk

but when i do so thats it no success… I remember also many months
ago when i try to install Zaptel, Libpri and Asterisk I got the same result refused by the server.

Why i always got this refused by the server?

i imagine that manual is out of date.

svn checkout asterisk-1.2

svn checkout zaptel-1.2

svn checkout libpri-1.2

is the way to get latest stable

ok Thanks for the update :smile: