Installing Asterisk

I am just wondering exactly what I need to do to install Asterisk. I am running a fileserver called SME Server which uses Linux. All help is appreciated :smiley:

google is your friend. as is

when i first starting using Asterisk i found this site useful …

i came across this error following the directions I printed out. When I type cvs login and then after I type the password which is said to be anoncvs, I get this error: unknown host

i have that on my windows PC, how do I get it to my linux machine?

how do you normally get files onto your server ?

i use WinSCP, but assuming you’re using samba you can just copy the files across and access them from a console.

if you don’t have a screen or keyboard on your server (and why would you ?) you can use putty to get a remote console.