Cannot log in to gui

I am running opensuse 11.1 with asterisk and asterisk-gui that i got from svn checkout asterisk-gui. so I am not sure the version.

when I go to my-ip:8088/static/config/index.html i get a little text box in the upper left corner that says loading and the logo under that. it never loads anyting.

I have ran http show status from the CLI and it list enabled URI

some of these work some give me an access denied.

As you can probable tell this is my first attempt to get this running. I am sure the issue is I am not getting prompted to log in. So can someone tell me what is wrong?

I found the solution to my problem.

svn checkout asterisk-gui.

doesn’t pull the latest reversion which fixed the issue i am having. you have to run svn up form the asterisk-gui directory. then recompile it.