Cannot load

Getting these errors when loading them.

== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf’: Found
[May 13 22:20:04] WARNING[7959]: chan_dahdi.c:1233 dahdi_open: Unable to specify channel 1: No such device or address
[May 13 22:20:04] ERROR[7959]: chan_dahdi.c:7662 mkintf: Unable to open channel 1: No such device or address
here = 0, tmp->channel = 1, channel = 1
[May 13 22:20:04] ERROR[7959]: chan_dahdi.c:11270 build_channels: Unable to register channel ‘1’

in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf I have this at the bottom.

channel => 1

I have just one x100p installed


Please could you verify the configuration in system.conf

I will see whats in system.conf and make the changes. Hopfully get this going. BTW, what older model of digium cards have eliminated echo and voice volume issues? also, was informed that version 1.6 is the most stable of all asterisk versions.

was unaware there was a change to 1.4. made the changes to system.conf and it works fine.