Can this be done -manager interface?

I am looking for a way to make headsets (actually a dect/sip device) more useful.
So far the thing can accept a call :smile:, dial out with the help of manager originate, or do a blind transfer via manager redirect.
Ideally this should happen: the call is disconnected, with the external caller (A) on the music channel, and local B calling another extension C. If I try that, actually A is hung up. Would it work to redirect A and B to a meetne and then redirect B to C?
Now, if C does not take the call or hangs up first, I would like A’s call to ring B again. At this time B’s phone would not be busy but likely "off hook"
Otherwise, B has just hung up and A should be connected to C.
In either case the party that gets disconnected should take A’s waiting call right away.
Since the whole process needs to be originated via manager, the manager process can monitor status and see whether B or C hangs up