Manager API - Transferring calls


I have looked up and down the internet for the past 3 days trying to find someone who has been able to transfer a call using the Manager API.

The constant problem seems to be that when using the REDIRECT Action Asterisk automatically drops the called channel. If the REDIRECT function allowed us to add multiple channels and the contexts to redirect both of them too this problem would all but disappear.

I have tried to use the PLAYDTMF function to force the extension into a feature mode so I can perform a attended transfer. However asterisk does not seem to recognise the DTMF, I can only assume because it’s Sending dtmf TO the endpoint rather than recieving those digits as if they had come FROM the endpoint.

I have also tried to call two Actions in quick succession. PARK on one channel followed by a REDIRECT on the other immediately, but the channel I have attempted to redirect has already dropped by the time Asterisk attempts to process the action.

If anyone has succeeded in this would they help point it out.

Also if anyone has a better resource than Voip-info for Manager API documentation would be great.