Manager API Originate Call Problems

Hi -
I am using the Manager API to originate calls and am running into a couple problems. If someone could shed some light or point me in the right direction that would be great…

  1. Often the call is connected before the extension rings causing the person on the other end to not get anyone when they first pick-up
  2. I cannot seem to cancel the call through the Manager API once it has been originated
  3. Is there a way I could just keep the extension off-hook and then connect a call w/o having to actually ring the extension and then require someone to take it off-hook?

Thanks for any help!!

The extension isn’t called until the channel is answered.

I think the intended use is predictive dialling, with the victim on the channel side and the agent on the extension side.

Thanks for the response.
FYI, I think I was able to get around this by setting the originate extension to the outbound number and channel to the internal extension. This way, the extension needs to be picked up before the outbound number is connected.

If anyone has input on my other questions, I’d still be interested!