Can i use pre-paid/postpaid calling card solution on VoIP?

Hi newbie to Asterisk,

i want to implement a calling card solution/management on asterisk using voip.i got wind that asterisk can handle this very well.

i want want to know if i can get this features with asterisk for my calling card solution:

Lets assume XXXX OriginaVoIP Enhanced Billing Software that runs on windows 2000

XXXX Prepaid Calling Card Solution is used to manage the billing, customers and call information related to all Calling Card and also Postpaid Service Operations.

It has H323 and SIP Support: XXXX OriginaVoIP Platform is fully compatible with H323 protocol. Additionally, XXXX SIP Server Package can be easily integrated in to your original platform to support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and provide numerous capabilities and special features like Callback, Call Forwarding, ANI, NAT Client Support, IP-IVR, IP address/Gateway/Prefix Authentication among others.
Multi-Carrier Support: XXXX Platform allows you to use multiples carrier so you can take advantage of the least cost routing capabilities.
Pin Generation Management: User friendly Pin and Serial Generation Tool so you easily produce your cards. Special modules to generate pins, activate and deactivate them including fraud detection support.
Reseller/Agent Registration and Management Tools: Including Commission Assignment and Online Purchasing Module. Customers and Reselllers can log-in, activate accounts, check their balances and call details and make their credit card payments with all the security standards required.
Call Credit Limit Control: Using radius-billing and AAA fully integrated to our Billing Solution to make sure the call is automatically disconnected once the client maximum credit is reached.
Pin-less Number Registration for Cards and Customer Accounts: Registered customers no longer need to enter a Pin number to be able to make calls. Once they have registered their phone number, all the calls made from that phone number ID will be tracked by the Billing Software.
Flexible Rate Definition Tools: Including peak and off peak rates, flat rates, connection and service fees, recurring fees, taxes and promotional rates.

Other enhanced features of the Billing Platform are:
Termination Module
GSM Termination Module
Radius/AAA Compatible
PC to Phone Support
Multiple user access levels
Multi-Gateway Support
Multiple Calling Card and Postpaid Services Support
Toll Free Number Special Rating Support
Postpaid Customer Registration and Management Tools
Rechargeable Account Support
Customer Service Tools including Card/Customer Discount and Refund Capabilities
Multiple Business Account Support
Real-time On-line Call Monitoring
Instant CDR Reporting based on Calling Card/Postpaid Service, Client, Resellers, Home and Business Account, Time, Date, City, Country, Carrier, Active Calls, Low Balance, etc.
ASR Reporting
Profit and Loss Reporting
Business Analysis Reports and Graphic Charts
Real Time Remote Monitoring of entire system through the web
Customized reporting via web or email and many more
Solution Components

The Prepaid Calling Card Solution has the following requirements:
Analog or Digital VoIP Gateway
OriginaVoIP Billing Software
Optional OriginaVoIP Web Interface
Optional E-payment Merchant Account(s)
Optional Modules for Termination, Wholesale and SIP Protocol support.
Internet Access
Partnership with VoIP Carrier(s)

I will like to know if someone has implemented this and has carried out something of this nature. Thanks