Can I use ASterisk with an IPLC(International Private Lease)


We are executing a call center and as a Asterisk user I want to use Asterisk based solutions for my center. The issue is that we are wanted to have an IPLC(International Private Leased Circuit) line as the backbone for carrying voice and data.
Can you enlighten me whether I can integrate Asterisk with IPLC backbone?
If I can then how do I do it? This would be for a blended environment so please help me on this.
Thank you,

Can you please explain what a IPLC backbone is ? Is it like a PRI ?

yes you can. since asterisk SIP, you will go throught the IPLC data link.

Yes. If this is to India make sure the IPLC is over Atlantic to get better latency. SIP/IAX trunking should work for you.