Can I set up such phone system with asterisk?

We are a small startup and want to accomplish something like this:

[ul]-Someone calls one of our lines.
-an agent with a computer in front of them can pick the call (either via a softphone on the computer or normal phone?)
-caller info (if they have called before) shows on of that agent computer.[/ul]

How to set something up… I’m completely new and want to do it ourselves to save money.

We know PHP , can this be used to create a web application or we must do such stuffs as a desktop application with java or something?

Please help!

Google is your friend this is a recurrent ‘Killer App’ so there are a lot, lot examples, code, binaries in the web.

I tried to google ofcourse, but I dont know what to search for… Please help.

Asterisk popup information, asterisk call notification, YAACID, Asterisk CID notification, and so on… I also built one: