Can Asterix route call to music source via audio input?


We intend to provide a helpline service, and a bit of different compare to normal helpline that route the call to live-agent. (Details is in the PDF of the following link). We are asking if Asterisk can support to route the call to the music source (which is played from the same PC [not from a file but when browse to our website, the music will be played online] or via audio input from another PC) for multiple concurrent users ?

Sorry, since i m not a technical person, so if there is further clarification required, please inform me. Thanks

You can use Asterisk’s Music On Hold system and just have it play from a stream rather than a file. It takes a little more configuration, but it can be done easily. I’m building a similar system where people can call into a “talk radio” show and while they’re waiting on hold, they listen to live streaming of the show.

The main thing you need to be aware of is that the more efficient VoIP codecs are heavily optimised for human speech and don’t handle music well. You will either need to use the standard PSTN codecs (mu-Law and A-law) or one of the more specialist codecs. The latter may not have wide support. Standard rate G.729 and all GSM codecs are poorly suited to music.

The last point means that mobile phone users will also get a relatively poor experience.

It is really warm feeling to receive prompt and useful respond from jpsharp and david55 :smile:

With these positive responses, I am going to install Asterisk and try it out. Hope will not take too long so that we can start to provide this valuable community service to needy people throughout the world.

During this discovery journey, I hope to receive continue support from this forum.

Thank you for your time to respond this post.

My local vendor said it is better to trigger a command to browse our server for each call coming in, I am thinking that will use more resources compare to the MOH streaming method i.e. 1 music source shared by every caller.

His concern is MOH may not be able to let the caller to listen to this steam for about 1 hour, is this right ?

If so, what equipment or program is needed to share the music source with every caller ? (the music source must online streaming, not allow to store as a file)

I don’t see any reason why there would be a 1 hour delay in streaming via MOH. Whether you play it one-stream-per-channel or via MOH, you’ll still get the same stream.