Can Asterisk use the cassandra as the database

Hi ,
because our system is working on the cassandra and other nosql database , so I wonder if Asterisk could use cassandra instead of mysql.
I have search on the google, but seems no answer yet. our system will serve a big data , so considering the scalebility , mysql is not our first choice.

one more question, since so far we only need the meetme module, and seems it is a temp info only be alive when user is making a phone call ,and can be deleted after all the user leave the session.
so beside the cassandra, is redis supported by Asterisk?

Asterisk provides neither native drivers for cassandra or redis. Asterisk provides an ODBC connector that can be utilized for many, but not all, of its configuration elements.


MariaDB (that is, MySQL) offers a pass-through driver that uses Cassandra as a storage engine. So anything that works with MySQL might work with Cassandra (with various degrees of efficiency, but to write logs through, it should be fine). :stuck_out_tongue: