Asterisk 18 Installation With Postgresql - Does Native PostgreSQL Driver Eliminate Any Need for ODBC?

Asterisk documentation says there are currently THREE (ARA) realtime database drivers pre-integrated into Asterisk 18:

  1. ODBC
  2. MySQL
  3. PostgreSQL

I’d like to use Asterisk’s native PostgreSQL drivers for all Asterisk use-cases, but am confused as to whether some modules might still require ODBC.

That is, if I select PostgreSQL for ARA will that be sufficient to make Asterisk 18 and all modules use PostgreSQL native drivers, or can other modules and/or Asterisk functions require or have dependencies upon ODBC?

Use ODBC since this driver seems to have the best support and more options.

What benefits does the ODBC driver provide PostgreSQL that Asterisk’s native PostgreSQL driver does not?

Is there more detailed Asterisk documentation somewhere that would help me understand how, when or why to choose between these two different ways to use PostgreSQL with Asterisk?

AFAIK, the native drivers are not used very often and hardly maintained. You sometimes see here comments about problems of the native drivers. I am using myself the combination ODBC/Postgresql for years.

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