Can Asterisk help me run a talk show?

Several people have referred me to Asterisk as a possible solution for this idea. Essentially I want to run a online streaming talk show. Here’s how I’m envisioning how it works:

  1. Producers and show hosts will log into a web-based interface to manage callers, queues and sound.
  2. Producers and show hosts will also have access to a drop board / sound board to play pre-recorded audio clips, music, etc.
  3. Show participants will call into the switch board, and possibly also Skype or a similar service for those who do not have access to a phone.
  4. A producer will pre-screen calls and place them into the appropriate queue.
  5. A producer or show host will mute/unmute/disconnect show participants.
  6. The server will encode all of the audio, either at a fixed bitrate (or possibly multiple bitrates) and output the audio to a streaming audio server (Shoutcast, for example).

I realize that Asterisk is capable of handling inbound calls, placing them into queues and setting up conferences. Can it also do the other things that I’m looking for? If not, does anybody know of something similar? There won’t actually be any phones connected to this box, probably not keyboard/mouse/video either.