Is Asterisk @ home all I need?

My goal is the use an 800 number and Asterisk to host a weekly audio conference for up to 10 users and stream it to the internet.

Is asterisk@home, app_conference, and the XP card all I need to create and manage this?


Use Asterisk (not AAH) and a SIP provider who provides an 800 number, unless you already have an 800 number. If the conference participents will be calling through the PSTN then you will either need 10 PSTN lines or 5-10 sip accounts (depending on if they allow multiple concurrent calls). Regarding streaming, do you want to do it in real time? You are probably better off (time & money) going with a conference call provider if this will be the PBX’s only purpose.

Thanks for the reply. Originally, using * for this sole purpose was the intent, however, now, I have become intrigued with ALL the possibilities and capabilities that * offer.

My first question was based on a previous call conference service used to support our needs for this weekly task, the costs for this service are now becoming cost prohibitive.

I am trying to satisfy a requirement for a radio talk show where the DJ is remote and streaming. The DJ wants to use some product that can service an 800 number and/or VOIP from his home studio for his show’s guest(s) and callers (three??) .

Right now, to satisfy this leg of the * implementation, the DJ’s requirements, there is only a need, at max., for a 4 party call conference where the speakers will be the DJ, guest(s) [PTSN or VOIP], and a [PTSN or VOIP] caller to stream, while other [PTSN or VOIP] callers (two??) are queued and/or onhold listening to the live stream that is being broadcasted on the radio.

Once it is determined that a configuration is doable and reliable with * then we will make cost comparisions of the * configuration to call conference service offerings.

Your valued input on these ideas will greatly be appreciated.

Thanks again

Take a look at the conference product from I cannot vouch for their quality, never used them, but they may be just what you are looking for. You can connect to thier conference server with VOIP (SIP or IAX) for a cheaper rate.

Thank you.