Can Asterisk allow to share 1 VoIP account


I begin to learn Asterisk. As an exercise, I wonder if this scenario is possible. The idea is to share a VoIP account that allow to make cheap long distance and calls to Europe.

A group of persons (family members and some friends) are outside, either living in another city or using a cellphone. Can they contact the Asterisk server and tell it to relay an International call? Example, I am outside of home and would like to make a call to France. The ATA has a call forwarding feature that can address this scenario. Let assume I want to use Asterisk to solve the problem, is it doable?

And what should be the number and should call to contact Asterisk server at home and how can tell it to connect my cellphone to a number in France?

If you can login to Voicemail on Asterisk, you can use advanced options to make a call.



I understand that you want to make calls through a particular VoIP line connected to asterisk which provides you a cheap long distance call to Europe…

cell phone ------> Asterisk server connected with VoIP line (cheap long distance calls to Europe) —> outside world

1.) Try DISA feature in asterisk server. In this case, make a local call from your cell phone to asterisk server. Dial the DISA feature code and get the access to the VOIP line connected in the asterisk server. Then you can make the long distance call from your asterisk server.

2nd Option try Dundi Distributed Universal Number Discovery


There is no technical problem in doing this. There may be legal problems. Does your VoIP account provider get the same revenue whether or not your remote family access them directly? If not, you need to read the contract carefully.