Can anyone get Asterisk to work with Vonage?

If not, what providers are good to use? I spoke to Vonage and they seem to have a problem assigning to MAC addresses that are not in some magical database of their own. Yet they have soft phone, which points to a MAC address…I think that I’m getting a run-around due to lack of knowledge.

Has anyone gotten Asterisk to work with Vonage, and if you have, would you please let us know how?


Ummmm, no…but if you need termination services my company or quite a few others can provide that in SIP. But very soon we will be providing IAX termination services. Let me know if you need any assistance.


Brian Jerome

I do not believe Vonage allows for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and therefore locks down the ATAs/softphones. There are a whole list of providers, have a look at some of these:

But of course this all depends on where you are and what services you require:

Thanks, I am hearing rumor that if you use their softphone option, it may work, since that uses BYOD mac addresses to assigne the IP to. Heck with softphone, they will even port your call to an internet enabled cell phone. I just haven’t been able to confirm with them that this option will work…

If you find a solution, post it back here as well as here:

Also, Teliax is based in Denver…

I use the following business plan from Vonage that I set up through the following company. I could not find it directly on the Vongage site.

It has been suggested to me that Vonage have proprietary QoS software embedded in their adaptors/routers hence the lack of support for Asterisk users.

I have Asterisk working with vonage’s softphone. I also have a vonage ata but that’s just hooked to a digium card. It took me forever to get the softphne working but it does work very well. If anyone want’s I can post my settings.