Vonage and Asterisk


I’m looking at switching my 3 phone line service to vonage which uses IP. Is there a mechanism to allow me to do this?

Your question is a little vague. I assume because this is an asterisk forum, you are using asterisk? If this is indeed what you are trying to accomplish, you might consider another ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) that is more asterisk friendly. Last I heard you cannot connect asterisk directly to vonage via IP. I would suggest voicepulse using their voicepulse connect product which specifically supports or broadvoice which is also asterisk friendly.



I’ve been using the IAX based service over at www.nufone.net for quite a while and it works quite well. They charge 2 cents per minute and multiple outgoing and incoming calls over a single 800 phone # - seems a steal considering this. I think there was a setup fee but other than that no minimum charge.

Dont’ you hate it when you ask a question and someone answers with something that doesn’t answer your question?

Well Maybe I can help, although not with the answer you’re looking for (but at least I’m asking your question:

To quote this voip-info.org link
"Vonage service is locked to the ATA they send you. It is not possible to connect Asterisk (or any other SIP UA) directly to your main Vonage service. "

Sorry. I’ve even heard that Vonage won’t give you your ATA password (which obiously means there’s no way to get your asterisk to work on it)

I guess you would do a snipe of the sip packages (if you had control of the router) could could figure out the password, and then you’d be 1 of the FEW people that have been able to do it.

Good luck!

ruok and jroe were trying to explain that there were better places to go for your termination and that vonage was not particularly friendly with asterisk. The only real way to connect to vonage is through a fxo module connected to there ata which is rather pointless with better alternatives out there.

maybe this help…

sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php? … _id=420324

if you have vonage and want to play with asterisk you can just get a fxo card and plug the line coming from your vonage ata into the fox port. then you should be able to treat it as if it’s a “regular” phone line.