Calls failed to authenticate on invite w/ allowguest=yes


i have setup a Astersk box and set allowguest=yes to allow calls from anyone and anywhere. for good measure i added insecure=invite.

when i call from a xten on my pc all works great. however if i route the call via another asterisk box i get

chan_sip.c:16048 handle_response_invite: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to ‘12127773456’

why would asterisk to asterisk behave differently and how can i solve this problem ?

thanx !

It seems that i caused the problem myself. i was trying to call 12127773456@ via a asterisk box on the problem was that even though i had allowguest=yes i had used a user/pass on my xten of 12127773456 and that seemed to cause the problem. how i am not %100 sure. anyway once changed all was well