Calls are not going to voicemail

I’ve been using the Google Voice gateway at without any issues at all for the past month or so. All calls come in 100% of the time, outgoing is 100% working, and call quality is excellent.

However, recently calls are not being transferred to the voicemail on Asterisk. The IP phone will ring for a while, and then the call stops, and on the phone I call with I hear the Google Voice voicemail start to play.

I’ve tried playing with the settings for the ringtime until voicemail in the configuration, but have been unsuccessful at getting it working.

I’m using FreePBX by the way.


Calls only go to voicemail if the dialplan tells Asterisk to send them there. Asterisk essentially comes without a dialplan, so you will need to show us what dialplan you used.

Possibly you are actually on the wrong forum. Asterisk GUIs come with extensive, and often inpenetrable dialplans, but the expertise on how to make those work is more likely to be on a forum for the GUI.