Call from asterisk to mobile and telephone

Dear all.
i have SIP trunking service. i can call from PSTN to asterisk server. Now i get problem with call out. Can you help me,please?

My config is.



out-urban and internal are missing.

ARG is mis-spelled.

The dialed number begins with 0. All your patterns begin with 9,

thank you for your support.
i fixed already. Now it can call from asterisk to PSTN. But i create file welcome when PSTN call to asterisk and the context like that.
When PSTN call to asterisk it will appear hello echo and then press extention local or press “0” call to 7406. But i got problem with press 0, i have to wait hello echo finished and then i can press 0. if i don;t want to wait how can i config?


change [quote]exten => 0,n,Dial(SIP/7406)[/quote] for

exten => 0,1,Dial(SIP/7406)