Calling app within app

Is it possible to have one app open another?

For example, could I create a button in the Weather app that calls another one I’ve created (such as a speed dialer)?

…and I guess along these lines, is it possible to do one of the following:

  1. Recreate the “standard” softkeys AND add my own (ie to load the other app) or

  2. Use one of the speed dial keys at the side to launch the app (while in the weather app, for example)

  3. ? Basically I’m trying to find some way to launch our speed dial app as quickly as possible. If I force them to navigate a list of apps just to launch the dialer, there’s no way I’m going to convince the execs to go with these phones…they’ll stick with their (horrible, but easily navigable) Cisco phones!

Thanks all!


Are you configuring the phones via DPMA, Switchvox, or XML?

I’m creating a Digium Phone app (javascript) from Switchvox.

Okay, the more I work with this the more I understand it. Sorry for the frequent posts folks!

So basically the issue is I need “quick” access to an App without having to navigate through the App interface. Ideally this would be a softkey on the main screen (alas, NOT through the Weather app I have figured out, since the weather app is actually in the background).

For example, on my current screen it’s:
Call Log, Contacts, Status, More…

Contacts is effectively useless to us because it’s not integrated with any of our corporate systems, so ideally I would like to see that replaced with our dialer app.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately, in the current release you cannot control the idle softkeys or use the rapid dial keys for apps. But we agree those are interesting features, thanks for the feedback.