Parking And Pickup

Ran in to this morning. I have groups set up for call pickup. A call comes in and dials 3 zap extensions. User 1 picksup the call we talk. then a second call comes in (actually me on my cell). He hits the pickup button on phone wich does a flash * 8 this alows him to pickup the second call first call is put on hold and we can talk on second call all is good so far.

Now he needs to transfer or park the second call he cant because he need the flash function to do this and when we flash the first call gets connected again

Any ideas or is it just monday and my brain is still on saturday


I’m afraid my post is not a reseponse to your question, although I’m guessing by now you’ve figured it out. Instead it’s a question. You seem to have been very successfull with call pickup, something I’m struggling to get working and/or find any good docs on. so here goes…

I have 3 sip phones, all are configured in “callgroup” 1 and “pickupgroup” 1. I have uncommented the line in features.conf and changed my “pickupexten” to “*65”. However, if I call the asterisk box with my mobile, *65 just gives me “wrong number or remote party not online”. I’ve also tried dialling “*65#” as a lot of people seem to talk about the default being “*8#”. Anyway…

I’d be extremely grateful if you could tell me what I’m missing here. Do I need to set up a *65 extension or something? Do you have this working with SIP extensions?

Thanks for any help you can provide,


I am not using sip but you might try using something other then * seems ive read some sip phones have problems with this just use a number and see if that works if not try the info in the link below