CallerID Problem

Hi there

I have a question regarding Caller ID setting. I am running a asterisk based PBX in my office. I have a PRI connections and each extension has their own Inbound number which allocated by my PRI provider.
Now, I have callerid of all users their inbound number, but the issue when they call on local extension it shows the same inbound number. I dont want to display inbound number when they call on local extension. I want show their local extension number.

Please let me know if there is any possibility that I can configure the caller ID on dial plan so when everyone call outbound CLI should go their inbound number, and when they call on local extension cli should go their extension number.


Sohaib Khan

In general by using Set(CALLERID(num)=…${CALLERID(num…)}…)

One would normally make the configured caller IDs be the configured ones and do the transformation just before the Dial on the trunk. If the local number is just the tail of the trunk version, it would be;


If some of the initial digits are transformed, but those digits are fixed, use ${CALLERID(num):n} for some appropriate n.

For the general case, you will need to do a database lookup.

Hi David,

Thanks for you reply.

Yes, local extension is the tail of inbound number. like 38781201 inbound number, it’s extension is 1201

Let me try your solutions. I think this will solve my issue.

Sohaib Khan