CallerID Issue


I have a GSM VoIP Terminal with an account 402 for example.
When I call to the number of the SIM in the GSM it goes to asterisk SIP account 402, and Dial some extension.

The number it appears when ringing is 402. Is there any way to make the callerID the number is calling instead of the number of the account (402)??


Please provide sanitised versions of the relevant configuration files as I can’t work out what you are actually doing.

Unless you do something to override it, or which conflicts (e.g. fromusser without an alternative CLID mechanism), Asterisk will pass through the caller ID.

Network operators should not, however, accept a caller ID unless you have previously proved to them that you control that number (unfortunately telephone spammers seem to have found ITSPs that don’t follow this basic rule).

I have an account registered in pbx, and it is the account of my gsm voip terminal.
when i receive a call to the number in the gsm, the gsm answers, and enters in the server with his account, (wich is an extension), and do several things like set to cdr database, and dials some extensions. and i want that the number which is doing the dial is the number which called the gsm terminal, and not the extension of the gsm, which is registered in the server.

Issue solved!! :smile:
instead of putting (callerid(num)=xxxxxx) i’ve put (callerid(name)=xxxxx) because the num is the extension of the gsm and the name is the number which called the sim card in the gsm!